Thank you for looking into Krempels Center as part of your healing process.

Please Note: For the health and safety of our community, Krempels Center will continue to offer virtual-only programming for the remainder of 2020, with a target to offer in-person programming at the Community Campus in early 2021. We will continue to offer a regular M/W/F schedule of virtual groups using the Zoom app that members can access from home via a computer, phone or tablet. New members welcome!

At Krempels Center, you can expect to find a warm and supportive community of members who understand your experience. In addition, devoted staff and compassionate interns and volunteers will help you along your journey. Krempels Center will provide you with a safe and caring environment while offering opportunities to work on your personal goals, find resources and valuable information, and create an invaluable connection with individuals who “get it."  

Who knows better what it’s like living with a brain injury than someone already living with a brain injury?  Our community offers many opportunities for members to support and advocate for one another as well as share strategies. This is a community that values each individual and can be a place of hope, joy and connections for you.


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"Krempels Center was just what I needed when I needed it most. I loved being accepted just the way I was while at the same time working towards maximizing my potential within my ability level... I greatly benefited from a supportive 'learn-by-doing' environment."   

-Joe Barrett, member