membership process

Thank you for your interest in Krempels Center!  We recognize that looking into membership in our community is a big step; we make every effort to ensure that the process is tailored toward your unique needs.  We are confident that you will find Krempels Center a welcoming and friendly place!

Getting started

Email Member Services Coordinator, Sarah Lovell, at or call (603) 570-2026 ext. 220, if you would like information on how to become a member. You do not need a referral from a medical professional to attend. 

We will:

  • Answer your questions and give you basic information about our programs
  • Ask questions to learn more about you
  • Make a preliminary program eligibility determination based on your information and our membership guidelines

We encourage you to view the survivor video as you consider membership.  

Visiting the Krempels Center program

Once we’ve gathered initial information from you, we will schedule your first visit to a program day at Krempels Center, during which you can spend as much of the day as you want observing and/or taking part in the program.  We’ll help you structure your day to attend groups of interest and make sure you meet staff and other members. 

You will need to bring documentation about your brain injury to your first visit.  If you need assistance locating documentation about your brain injury, we will be happy to help you with this process. 

Potential members typically visit Krempels Center twice prior to making a decision about membership.

Completing the Process

If you are interested in becoming a member, we’ll work together to complete the new member application.  We are aware that, for many brain injury survivors, completing paperwork can be a daunting task.  We  keep the process as simple as possible.

Hear what our members say about membership at Krempels Center:

I will always come here because I learn so much.  I feel welcome here.  The learning rewires my brain.  Lyn

[Krempels Center] encourages me to expand my horizons, challenge myself and make new friends.  Robyn

[Krempels Center offers a] great opportunity to spend time with people who have similar disabilities; where members encourage each other to improve and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.  Tom

You don’t choose to join the ranks of being a brain injury survivor, but you can choose to be a member of the loving, supporting and caring community called Krempels Center.  Jim 


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