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“Before my daughter Val came to Krempels Center, we heard what wasn’t possible as a result of her brain injury. At Krempels Center, people are positive, encouraging, and focus on what is possible”                                                                                            -Zoe Veasey

Post hospital and post-rehab, brain injury survivors and their families are left to find their way in a world that has changed completely. Just coping is a tremendous challenge medically, logistically, emotionally, socially, financially. Krempels Center offers a community of love and possibility, grounded in reality. No one knows better than survivors and their families and friends what’s been lost. Krempels Center sets its sights on what can be, here forward, and encourages and supports each individual in creating a new sense of purpose and meaning in his or her life. 

Krempels Center is primarily funded by individual support. At Krempels Center we are committed to providing programs for brain injury survivors, regardless of their ability to pay. In 2015 individuals funded over $230,000 in scholarships for survivors to attend. Building new lives is possible only because of the generosity of community members like you.  

There are many ways for you to become engaged at Krempels Center that will foster the growth of our strong programs, and ensure our services to the brain injury community and their families for many years to come.

  • Donate: click on our donate button here or on the top right of any of our web pages to make a gift to Krempels Center. Donate here.
  • Attend a Virtual Fireside Chat: A one-hour introduction to our community that you will never forget. Learn more and sign up here.
  • Volunteer: Have time to lend a hand at a special event? Would you like to consider participating in an enrichment session? Click here to tell us how you want to help.

Listen to our Founder's Story:

 “I experienced traumatic brain injury in a car accident in 1992. One minute I was on my honeymoon cruising along on top of the world.  The next minute, I had lost almost everything. It took me years to get back on my feet – and I came back determined to help other survivors, too.” 

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