Monthly Calendar and Closures


Summer 2020: Covid-19 Update

At Krempels Center, the safety and health of our members is our primary concern.  Due to the coronavirus pandemic,  Krempels Center will continue to offer virtual-only programming for the remainder of the summer. Pending the successful reopening of businesses and activity in New Hampshire over the summer months and a decline in the level of threat, we intend to return to offering in-person programming at the Community Campus beginning the week of September 14, 2020, coinciding with the start of our fall semester.

We are offering a regular M/W/F schedule of virtual groups using the Zoom app that members can access from home via a computer, phone or tablet.

For more information about our virtual program options please contact Elizabeth Robinson, Program Assistant, at or 603-570-2026 ext. 2. 

If you are not currently a member, but would like information about becoming one, please contact Sarah Lovell at 603-570-2026 ext. 220.


2020 Closures

  • March 16th through March 20th: CLOSED for UNH Spring Break
  • Monday May 25th: CLOSED for Memorial Day
  • Friday July 3rd: CLOSED for the Fourth of July
  • September 7th-11th: CLOSED for Labor Day (full week closure)
  • Wednesday November 11th: CLOSED for Veteran's Day
  • Friday November 27th: CLOSED for Thanksgiving
  • Friday December 23rd- Friday January 1st: CLOSED for Holiday Break

To learn if Krempels Center is closed due to bad weather, call 603-570-2026 Ext. 2 or click here.

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