referral sources

Thank you for your interest in Krempels Center!  We are pleased to offer innovative programming in a community setting geared specifically toward the needs of brain injury survivors.  We welcome your inquiry and encourage you to provide information about Krempels Center to patients/clients under your care.  The brain injury survivors section of this website offers information about eligibility, benefits, and the membership process.  Please note that we do not require a formal referral to gain access to our services.

Krempels Center programming is designed by professional staff who understand the unique needs of brain injury survivors.  Krempels Center members have the opportunity to provide on-going input into program development.  The Center offers personal development and education opportunities in the following therapeutic areas:

  • Functional and cognitive skill building
  • Social and communication skills
  • Mental health
  • Physical wellness
  • Community connections
  • Creative expression and recreation

In addition, Krempels Center offers:

  • Support with personal goal attainment
  • Assistance connecting with community resources
  • Resources and support for family members

We welcome you to check out our program to learn more, either as a Fireside Chat guest or through a scheduled meeting.

We are also willing to offer an in-service for your team. Contact Program Director, Heather Gilbert at or 603-750-2026 ext.227